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    Cycle help please

    i did this cycle a few months ago and was very pleased with results:
    test 600 mg wk 1-10
    eq 600 mg wk 1-10
    winny 50 mg ed wk 7-13

    i now again want to do the same cycle but i want to add in some anadrol . i would like to know what qty you think i should take them in. i would like to take them during the first fee weeks and maybe running the cycle a bit longer to 15 weeks

    test 500 1- 12
    eq 500 1 - 12
    anadrol 1 -4 -----need to know qty
    winny 9 - 15

    would this be a good cycle or do i need to add anyhting or change anything?

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    Hereya go bro...


    Anadrol is an oral only compound and is 17-alpha alkylated with a methylgroup to allow for a higher yield when having to traverse the liver, as with most oral compounds. As such it has a good degree of hepatoxicity and should not be used for longer than 6 weeks on end and it is highly recommended that you get your liver values checked regularly. Because of its long activity and poor affinity (due the the 17AA) good results can be obtained with a single daily dose, so spreading your doses out is an option but is anything but necessary. A single dose of 50-100 mg every day is recommended, but doses as high as 150 or 200 are used by experienced bodybuilders as well. Due to its rapid action and high toxicity, its mostly used to kickstart a longer injectable cycle in the first 3-5 weeks of that cycle. It will add a lot of mass and strength on immediately, getting you through the low-result beginning of an injectable cycle. Its use is thus very similar to that of Dianabol , but with the latter being slightly more versatile.

    As such it makes a good match early in a stack with you standard testosterone /nandrolone stacks, with boldenone (equipoise ) and methenolone (primobolan ) as well. Since it has a high intrinsic affinity for the estrogen receptor and next to no intrinsic affinity for the androgen receptor I doubt anyone would contemplate using this for cutting. To even out the massive water retention one might choose to stack it with trenbolone (finaplix /parabolan ) or stanazolol (Winstrol /Stromba) but never for the purpose of looking lean. Anadrol, like Dianabol, may also be one of the few orals that has real merit when using it alone. Although the gains are often hard, near impossible to keep afterwards.

    In terms of secondary drugs, I wish I had a lot to recommend here, but really there isn't much to be helped with oxymetholone. Even with liver protection it would still do serious damage and with every bit of added protection, the efficacy rate of oxymetholone would go down. As for estrogen maintenance, Nolvadex being the strongest of estrogen receptor antagonists comes highly recommended and preferably in higher than normal doses, 30-40 mg, as its oxymetholone itself that is the culprit and not its aromatized form. On the other hand, we need to take into account that more than half of Anadrol's anabolic action stems from this estrogenic action as well. So its sort of trading less side-effects for gains. One thing that is advised is blood pressure medication as extreme hypertension has been noted. And I'll say it a third and last time, its best to get regular liver check-ups when taking Anadrol.

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    You should give d-bol a shot before taking Drol.

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