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    Unhappy can't wait to get this bulking cycle over!

    Man, I should have picked up some other hobby, all I can do is hit brick walls, metophoricaly speaking. I tried to lose weight last summer, I can lose lots, but can't lose enoughtto get my six pack all the way out, just the top four a little, it's there, it has good peaks I can tell, but I couldn't get the fat all the way off, no matter how hard I tried! I finally tried a different approach, I said well hell, I'll just go on a bulking cycle, I'm on sust and anapolan, my gear is legit, but all I do is get fat, I barely break 2,000 calories a day and get fat! what's up with that?. I weigh 212lbs currently, but I weighed 180 in June, but most of my gains are fat. Even with juice and sound routine it's so freaking hard to gain, and the Lord's willing that I'm able to continue I will! I will not give up as long as I am able to train. I need some damn motivation. I'm not down on myself, I look good I think, I just want to improve myself.
    I can't wait to get this bulking cycle over and then maybe I can try a cutting cycle, I seem to be somewhat better at doing that. I mean, I don't expect to get to no Mr. Olympia level, I would just like to get like....... hmmmmmmm let's see........ ok here we go, a member of AR, Shorty2big, bro, if your reading this, you look good, what the hell are you doing right? I guess I will jut have to train till I pass out.
    Well, I'm not on a self pitty trip here, just thought I would ramble.
    {peace out _

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    Bro you are not alone..I seem to put on lean muscle at a very slow rate yet put on fat quick..Hang in there!! By the way how is your diet?

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    look at it this way bro..........

    experienced users look to add lean muscle mass, not just mass at any cost. so if you only gain 5-10 lbs from this cycle, make sure its QUALITY muscle.
    if you can work this out in your favor, then EVERY cycle will basically be a cutting cycle.........while still addding mass, a little at a time.

    peace bb79

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