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    sus deca dbol gains ?

    Just wondering how much you guys who have done sus deca dbol have gained. I will be in my third week on tues and I have gained 14lbs to date. Just wanting to know if any of you other guys have had good gains off of this stack. if so how much and how muck have you kept. BTW no signs of gyno yet (knock on wood)

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    gains will for everybody based on intensity of training, genetics, and diet. generally you can expect anywhere from 20 to as much as 30 lbs from that cycle, especially if it's your first one. post your dosages. 14lbs in three weeks is pretty good, sounds like you're working hard

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    i did sus@500 deca @400 and dbol @50mg ed
    i ran it for 8 wks
    my total gains were 25 lbs
    i lost about 9 lbs post cycle but still look great
    14lbs in 3 wks is great.just wait another wk or so for the juice to kick in your gunna blow-up.most of what you gained already is from the dbol and is mostly water.but if your eating right and lifting hardcore you will get massive on this cycle
    good luck bro and keep us posted

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