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    Need help with 1st cycle..please help

    i am goin to do my 1st cycle and i need help with it
    i am goin to stack sustanon 250/parabolan /winny

    weeks--when and how much dosage should i use of sustanon 250
    weeks--when and how much dosage should i use of parabolan
    weeks--when and how much dosage should i use of winny

    when and how much clomid or nolvadex should i use(which one is better)

    i am going for being ripped, hard, and massive
    how much wieght do yall think i can put on with this stack


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    How old are you? You should start off by reading the educational threads because if you did some research you would have an idea of what to take and how much.
    We're here to help you tweek your cycle. Not draw one up for you.
    Use the search button and look at some past posts.
    Also your profile says you've only been at the weights for 6 months which isn't long. You might wanna read some before you go banging pins in yourself. We're here to help you but you gotta do some work yourself first bro.

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    sus at 500mg per week--shots taken 2x per week for 10-12 weeks
    winny i run at 50mg per day at end of cycle and 2 weeks past last test shot
    parabolan throughout cycle at 1 or 2 amps per week

    nolvs as needed 40mg per day till gyno symtpoms stop then 10-20mg per day after
    clomid 3 weeks after last sus shot and run it at 300mg day 1,then 100mgs days 2-7 then 50mgs days 8-14

    size and weight depend on diet,training, rest and so on

    furthure more could'nt agree more with mbaraso--great points

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