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    what do you guys think ?

    now i planned to drop form 13 % bf to 3 -4% in a 12- 16 weeks period
    for a certain show,now i have been chosen in my national team (coaches don't know shit) for a contest in about 8-9 weeks......
    so i need to drop about 24 pounds in 8 weeks... i ve dropped to 3-4 many times ,i am origianlly heavy though,,,, but never tired loosing so much fat that fast,,,, so may be i will just scarifies a 5 pounds of lean bod mass and compete in a lower wieght class so gaining lbm is not of my concern (Burning muscles hleps difiniton !) so what do u think EXPERIENCED brothers ?,,
    about the following Questions:
    1- is it possible to drop to so much that short?
    2- i was thinking of some tetosterone (very good fat burning effect) as i don't have tren . here ,ofcourse with femera,proviron and diuretics for zero water retention,what do u think ?
    3- i can't afford GH this time..!
    4- am thinking of an appetite suppressant because the diet would be depleting ,am thinking of sibutramine (MERIDIA) ,what do u think ?
    5- ofcourse there will be t3 ,and clenbuterol and eca and chmical effedrine but how do u suggest using them (without getting palpitations !) for maximum effect?
    i know there are plenty of inteeligant and experienced copmetitive and non competitive brothers here,,so i would appreciate any help promptly
    thanks for giving me time and reading this post.

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    T-3, Clen , Then some DNP .
    Research DNP first before taking it though. It's not something to play around with unless you really know what your doing.

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    you better be really dialed in on your diet and cardio to drop that fast!!

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