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Thread: Reforvit Tabs

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    Reforvit Tabs

    I know my QV enanthate is real from pics, but i cant find any pics of reforvit tabs. Mine are white with a split in the middle. I have read that loeffler has recently started putting out white tabs but these seem pretty small to be 25 mg as compared to the clomid i have which is 50. I think i might have received russian dbols what do u guys think?

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    The new reforvits are white with a score on one side. They are a little bigger (not much bigger) than an average ** chinese pill. The Reforvit-B tabs look completely different. I can't remember if they were yellow or not, I think they were (it's been a while since I have come across the Bs).

    They are pretty good. A buddy of mine was doing 2 a day and gained around 8lbs in the first two weeks.


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