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    D-bol when cutting? What do you think?

    If anyone has read the T-Mag article entitled 'Steroid Dieting', they will know what I am on about here.

    The article says adding 25mg to 50mg of dbol to a cutting stack will actually assist in reduction of fat.

    I don't have the article nearby so cannot go into detail.

    Does anyone agree/disagree and why?



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    Well i dont see why it wouldn't work for losing fat as dbol is pretty much a test analog. The only reason people dont take it to assisit in fat loss is because dbol much like test converts to estrogen and that will cause a bloated look. thats why I strongly reccomend taking a-dex with dbol. 1mg/day of a-dex with dbol only should feel much like EQ.

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    Why not. especially if you're short on money. I know some guys who come out for a competition using D-bol. The problem is the water retention but in my experience naposim holds less water than D-bol so if you can get it try some. It's the same thing but more confortable at least for me. I'm sure it was the right stuff.
    take care

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    Absolutely bro. You can use anadrol and cut. Its not about the aas its about your diet!

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    good point psyco
    dbol will help with muscle sparring and nitrogen retension while dieting as well,when come off lose water bloat and even leaner

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