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    Lotta Gear, Lets make a sick cycle!

    If this was your gear , what would your cycle look like?

    -250 furzabol ( mitolan )
    - 20 amps 2000 i.u HCG
    - 30 ; 50 mg clomid tabs
    - 50 nolva 20 mg tabs
    -600 test susp sublinguals 20 mg
    -250 super clen w/keto
    -100 winny 50 mg tabs
    -100 ml of 100mg durabolin plus 100mg test enathate = 200mg/ml
    -4 ; 10 ml vials of a50 inject
    -4; 10 ml vials of fina
    -2; 10 ml vials of fina/prop mix (finaprop 80mg=40 mg tren acetate + 40mg prop )
    -2 ; 10 ml vials of 200 mg/ml EQ
    -70 ml of deca 300

    give it a shot, curious to see what everybody says.

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    its depends on what your cycle experience looks like.. but

    deca 600mgs/week (10 weeks)
    eq 400mgs/week (10 weeks)
    test 600mgs/week (10 weeks)
    fina 75-100mgs Ed or EOD (6 weeks)
    finaprop mix at the start of cycle (before the other test kicks in)
    abombs 50mgs-75mgs ED 30-40 days
    winstrol - 50mgs ED week 6-13
    test suspension (not sure on dose) but run with winstrol week 6-13

    this cycle is definitely an advanced users cycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just took materials you had and put the pieces together as best I could.

    use the hcg while your still on the juice (about to come off) then use clomid post cycle of course. and use your clen post cycle as well.

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    damn is that it? no other cycle suggestions. this is what YOU would do with it , its not for me.

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    Looks like an ** cycle. I'm very anxious to try out the injectable anadrol when I start in January, I heard it stings, and if you opt to skip a shot one day, you can just drink it like winny. What are your bro's stats and cycle experience?

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    Re: Lotta Gear, Lets make a sick cycle!

    If that was my gear I'd be selling off a lot of it since I don't like half the gear in there

    I'd probably run the drol for 4 weeks, fina/prop mix at the start to kickstart the cycle along with the drol, eq for 10 wks, fina from wks 6-12 with winny and I'd buy a bottle of test enanthate to run throughout wks 1-10 cause I don't like deca .

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