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    i need some help!

    am a 19 years old boy, 1,82m tall, and about 75 kg.
    i have 10 2ml testex and 10 2ml Extraboline, and i want to know how i should take it! 2ml test/week and 2ml deca /week over a peroide of 10 week? should i take 1ml deca two times a week or everything at the same time? and how long before training should i take it? should i get some anti-estrogene? if so what kind? how many grams of carbohydrates and proteins should i consume, and how many of them can i take in liquid form as a protein shake?
    need some help. i am going to start tomorrow.

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    going to start tomorrow and you don't know jack shit yet with all these questions you're askin ??? what if nodoby on here helped you, would you still start tomorrow ??

    IMO, you're kinda young. all i think you should worry about is your diet, and let nature take its course. you can gain so much just from eating right and i doubt you've reached a plateau yet.

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    Do yourself a favor and dont start tommorow. Your asking basic questions about diet and want to start juicing? Asking about anti estro and want to start tommorow?

    Threads like this are very disheartening for me

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    Re: i need some help!

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by os1
    [B]am a 19 years old boy,

    wait till your a man

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    Re: Re: i need some help!

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by 4plates
    Originally posted by os1
    am a 19 years old boy,

    wait till your a man
    Enough said.


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    Gosh man, it is soo sad to see young folks coming onto this board wanting to do AS. It really depresses me. I didn't do AS until I was well into my late 20's, after my growth plates are done growing, and my hormone levels were stablized. Don't be stupid take these folks advice and don't start so early. Wait a few years, then consider it.

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    slow down, you'll hurt yourself sticking shit in your body that young. wait till your done growing... a couple more years. do yourself a favor and don't start tommorow. Madmax

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