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    DHEA in extreme dosages

    Ive been looking for everything under the sun that can make me make bigger gains. I have now come to DHEA and have read a lot about it but all of the places i have read from tend not to tell about its bodybuilding uses. They do however say that it increase growth hormone and testosterone . So my question is I take more than the max dosage of 100mg will i get steroid like gains? Its obvious that 100mg is only prescribe as the max dosage because everything after that increases your test to an illegal steroid level. Im only asking this question because i would like some confirmation or someone who has done it before to tell me. Thanx.

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    if you take more than you need...

    if you take more than you need and your body doesn't convert it then, (drum roll please!!!)......YOU WILL BE PAYING FOR EXPENSIVE PISS.LITERALLY PISSING YOUR $$$ DOWN THE TOILET.

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    The original jason Guest
    if u simply took higher dosages of dhea and got steroid like gains no one would cycle roids right? think about it!!


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    Mike Guest
    How old are you? Using DHEA for that effect really won't do a thing for you unless you have a natural test deficiency (300ug/dl or under) or you are atleast 30 - usually closer to 40

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    Let's not forget that taking DHEA to increase Test some may convert to Estrigen. I have found DHEA does okay. Course I haven't used it much, I usually stack it with other "legal suppliments". I am not sure how it will work with Steriods , being that I have never had that experience.

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    DHEA in extreme dosages
    will do nothing for u at all.

    only thing DHEA is really good for IMO is when you are coming off of a cycle and/or you are taking clomid - then it is quite usefull as u are starting up production in the testes again and need to have plenty of raw material handy to do so. otherwise, unless you are 60yo, buy some test.

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