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    swelling and tightness after injections ?

    im on my first cycle. i have been rotating between 6 pining points.
    glutes, quads and delts.

    i just finished with my 8th shot so i have hit the same muscle more than once and the pain isnt as bad as it was with virgin muscles.

    i really only experince tightness and some swelling in my delts.
    it happens about 2 days after the injection, the rear of my delt swells a little and the skin feels really tight.

    im just wondering if there is anything i can do.

    i dont inject fast and i warm my gear up and i take a shower before and use a heating pad after for a little.

    can i use ice? i have herd that if you use ice it will thicken up the gear and then cause more pain.

    just trying to make work more bearable ( im a automotive tech and my arms are up in the air all day so it gets old fast)

    thanks for the help guys


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    what are you pinning and how often to each site. Your sides sound pretty normal and as you said it gets better each time.

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    What roid you shooting?

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    It pretty much sounds like your doing every thing right.I use the same sites also some shots are better than others.Advil helps.

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    very strange??? don't use ice though IMO used aspercreme

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