Hi guys
I posted last week, doin small cycle 250mg sust 200mg primo weekly for 8 weeks, 4 to see how body reacts, I have always been paranoid about Gyno. I am 4 weeks in and last friday noticed and started to freak thinking I had a sensative nipple. Now I posted and was advised by OG packin(Thanks man) to start Nolva at least just in case. I have started to run 20mg a day. I really think however im just getting paranoid I keep feeling my left nipple and genarally its is ok, sometimes it feels a little sensative and I think it might be sore but im really not too sure. Things may be getting better after the nolva and I will keep running it but what i would like to know is what are the real noticable signs of gyno would I really know I had it or can it be subtle, does it get continually worse and more noticable.. My left nipple doesnt itch, there is no burning sensation as such. its just just slightly sensative especially on the very tip, i keep touching it to check it out so im guessing i could be making it sore on its own. I need some reassurance and experienced advice.
is this gyno? will it get noticably worse so that i will know for sure. if so will it go away after the clomid post cycle, what should I expect. Please dont flame me I have plenty of Nolva(no anti es as it was a small short cycle) what should I do ,am I just freeking?? as i say it doesnt itch or burn or not puffy just sensative to touch sometimes(and only when erect) it is getting colder now so that could be it, need some advice from someone who knows. One last thing I read up and heard that after Nolv therapy there can be a rebound, could I experience this after clomid therapy?
All advice much appreciated