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    Sus 250 from Moscow Real or Fake?

    Hey guys,

    I live in Melbourne, Australia and have been finding hard to get my hands on some Sustanon 250. Lately all Iíve found is 10ml vials made in Moscow (am i allowed to post the brand name?) and reading past posts (from 2003) it doesnít sound to promising. Canít find anything on the net about the lab cause I think itís underground.

    The vials are exactly like those posted by johnpburns2003 in except the Batch no. and expiry date are present. The colour is clear, all the volumes are the same and its packaged professionally..

    Just wondering if there is anybody whoíve used these products or know about them

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    if dutchbb says its crap its crap..

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    Quote Originally Posted by pumpkin069 View Post
    (am i allowed to post the brand name?)
    No, you're not.

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    pics are worth 1000s words.
    and try to post in the steroid pictures to get a better respond.

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