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    Enan & Deca Questions about water retention

    Enan and Deca are known for water retention. My question is if i am taking .25 or .5 of arimidex and taking in 1 1/2 -2 gal of water a day, will the water retention be much of an issue?

    I am looking to run( around may 03)
    Enan 1-10 400w
    Deca 1-10 400w
    fina 7-12 75mg ed
    winny 7-12 50mg ed

    i want the deca to help with the winny joint pain i have read about
    enan due to the price being much less than prop

    or should i save more dough and go with prop?

    this would be my second "real" cycle, 3rd if you count any or all use

    Looking for any type of feedback or help

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    With what you have planned there, including Arimidex at .25md ED; water retention shouldn't be a problem. My only suggestion on that cycle is to run the Enan an extra week and run the Winny & Fina weeks 8-13, then Clomid 300/100/50 after you're finished with the 2 of them.


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    keep an eye out for progesterone gyno on that cycle. Everyone holds water a lil differently.. if you start retaining badly you can always up your arimidex and see if it helps. And yeah drink water until you have to piss in the middle of the night and when you wake up to do so drink another glass

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    The other two cycle were:
    staggered deca cycle 7 weeks did not get higher than 300mg week

    current cycle, 4 weeks left
    sus 400mg week 10 weeks
    eg 400mg week 10 weeks
    dbol 30mg 4 week
    arimidex .25 ed week 1-13
    clomid 13-15

    any other help Diesel?

    the prog gyno does concern me, cant get bromo
    deca will be low 400mg week
    winny will hopefully balance out the the tren
    no sign of gyno in other or current cycle, should i be more concerned?

    nolv on hand for the test
    clomid will always follow all cycles

    any one else have some comments?

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