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    Question Is there a reason why you need to eat like a horse while your cycling?

    I hear "you should eat 6 times a day" or "eat 5000 calories a day"

    But If your on cardio+weight training and trying to cut and lose weight
    why should you consume that much??

    Can you consume 5000 calories a day being 235pds and 5"9(yes I am overweight, I assure you im trying everything in my power to lose weight)

    And cut?? Or lose weight.. im assuming that cutting means losing weight...

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    Lift weights, eat steaks
    There is such thing as a "bulking" or "cutting" cycle. But it's not black and white, there are shades of gray in between, but they are the two main ends of the spectrum.

    In order to bulk, YES, you need to eat lots of food, because your body is screaming for calories so it can build muscle/mass.

    However, the whole point of being on steroids whilst cutting is to preserve muscle mass even when you're in a caloric deficit.

    Hope that clears things up.

    Aside: Majority of people's first cycle is a bulker

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    Techinally, I think most guys refer to cutting,as dropping percentage of body fat, and not neccessarily dropping weight. And yes if you want to cut or lose weight you can eat less while on cycle, but it largely depends on what compound you're taking.

    Test for example, its almost impossible not to consume 5k calories a day. If you don't eat like a horse you will feel like a piece of shit.

    But things like masteron , primo, and ive heard anavar , are good for low calorie diets.

    Basically if the drug is made for bulking, you need to eat. If its a cutter, you can use a lower calorie diet. In my experience thats what ive seen.

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    man where to start , 5000 cals would be a bulkin meal plan ..

    you eat haeps while cyclin coz food builds muscle and supplie you with energey to train and perform bodily funtions, more to the point protein builds muscle..
    if you want to loose weight you need to know what you maintaince cals are for a day .eg 2600 cals for maintainance of weight .. if you want to loose
    weight you want to finish you day with a cal deficit (less cal than maintainace) .. and yes 6-7 small meals a day is going to give you a better respones than 3 large meals a day..
    works for me..

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    ok well i see you are new here but you have a lot to learn. First i would like to point you in the direction of there you can calculate your BMR etc and find out where you need to be calorie wise. Then come back to the diet section and read read read

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    if you're bulking make sure its clean, ive seen guys try to "bulk" up and end up being sloppy looking fatasses, you gotta keep your diet in check whether your bulkin or cuttin

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    You have to eat a lot to bulk up, but it needs to be the right things. Yeah, we all have seen guys on a cycle eating like shit and looking like a fat bastard after the 12 weeks.

    Even if you're doing a cutting cycle (Winstrol , etc.), you should be eating more than you normally do, and making sure that you follow a good diet, too. You may want to cut up, but still want to maintain and have a productive cycle, which taxes your body a lot. Heavy training needs to be rewarded with good nutrition and adequate sleep, regardless if you're bulking or cutting.

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