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    Decided to snap out of depression and give it hell, please check out my cycle

    Please look over my next cycle and tell me what you think. The goal is to drop bf and give definition to the lean muscle mass I currently have. This will be my first real cycle, I started one a few months ago but had to quit early and gains were minimal. My current stats are 5’8” 175lbs unknown bf %. I already have some cuts and vascularity but also a little extra fat that is keeping me from being shredded. I want to be super cut even if I have to give up some size.

    BROMO 3.5mg ed weeks 1-11 (to reduce appetite, and to fight off fina gyno)

    NYC stack weeks 1-11 (I have been on ephedra for to long and need something new, also I have read it’s compatible with bromo and ephedra and clen isnt)

    NOLV 10mg ed weeks 1-13
    ARIM .5mg ed weeks 1-13
    Fina 75mg ed weeks 1-10
    prop 100mg ed weeks 1-10
    winny 50mg ed weeks 1-10
    CLOMID weeks 11-13 (300, 100, 100, 100, 50 x 17 days)
    CLEN 100mg ed weeks 12-13

    good daily multi vitamin
    1,800 calories
    200 grams protein (mostly natural, some glutamine enriched whey)
    10-15grams fat (will try to make most of them EFA)
    100 Grams carbs (50 complex carbs in morning and 50 complex carbs post workout)
    1.5-2 gallons water spreaded through out the day

    -30mins cardio 5-6 days per week switching daily between elliptical gliders, bikes, and outdoor running
    I know it’s best to do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach but most of my cardio will be post lifting

    -6 days a week lifting usually one major and one small muscle group per day, usually 1hr 30min spent lifting
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    I don't think you need to run nolvadex if you're already running arimidex . Save the nolva for when you get itchy nips or other symptoms.

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    10 weeks on winny is way too long. Drop that down to 6 weeks max.
    10 weeks on Fina is a bit too much also.
    And what dizzle said.

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    I wouldn't recommend fina on a first cycle, and I agree with Mbaraso run the winny for 6 weeks max. Also 100mg ed of test prop seems a little high IMO for a first cycle. ESPECIALLY if you are cutting. You need calories to grow. Plain and simple. If you are reducing calories then the point of a cutting cycle is to help maintain Lean body mass while losing fat. AAS won't burn the fat for you. It seems like a waste to me to use high dosages of AAS in a cutting cycle as you really can't grow if you are reducing calories...JMO

    I'd say eat like a man but do it cleanly, run prop at 100mg eod with some winny, maybe 100mg eod. Run the winny for 6, the test prop for 8 weeks. I always think it's best to keep the dosages moderate on your first cycle as you have no idea how your body will react. Also .5mg of armidex ED seems high. I mean armidex can really fuck your cholesterol up, so should be used moderately or only if symptoms errupt IMO, or if you are gyno prone, but you don't know if you are or not yet.

    If you are dead set on cutting I'd still recommend the same cycle. Just do the same diet like you recommended.

    Also just on a side note, I found on my first cycle the test fucked with my head. I was really hot and cold. When I was in a good mood I was in a great mood, when I was in a bad mood I was in a HORRIBLE mood. So going into a cycle being depressed is a bit risky as the depression could get worse. Everyone reacts differently so you don't know until you are on, hence why I recommend moderate dosages on your first cycle. I really think the fina on a first cycle is a bad idea too. BUT if you are dead set on it, run it for 6 weeks, get some bromo on hand (in case gyno errupts, as nolv won't do shit for fina gyno), and get some HCG .

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    Also if you cut might want to pickup some yohimburn..

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    If it's your 1st real cycle then I would recommend the following;

    prop 100mg ed weeks 1-10
    Fina 75mg ed weeks 1-5
    winny 50mg ed weeks 7-12
    ARIM .5mg ed weeks 1-13
    NOLV 20mg ed weeks 13-16
    CLOMID weeks 13-15 (300, 100 x 6 days, 50 x 7 days)
    CLEN 100mg ed weeks 13-14 (1week on / 1week ECA Stack)

    Remember, you're using 2 toxic drugs such as Winnie and Fina, the trick is to keep the dosages reasonable and your body healthy.

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