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    Tri-Test 400? Clear Deca?

    Hi I got some 10ml amps off a mate of mine,

    I got Test 400 and Deca ....although after having 1ml of each on monday I feel fine and usually feel abit under the weather by now which has made me suspisous of the gear. Problem is i took the labels off the amps so theres no point in putting pictures in the 'fake steroids ' forum. So if the steroid gods could answer a few questions i might be more as ease,

    The Deca that I got was labelled from a well known lab but is a clear oil...fake or ligit?

    And had any one heard of Tri-Test 400, test decanoate (i think), test enanthate , and test cyprianate?

    Thanks, Matt

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    the last gear that i encountered that had the clear oil was bunk, mind you this is far too vague of a description to know for sure, especially since the labells were removed.

    the color of the gear depends on the oil used. EO looks almost clear, while others like cottonseed etc are the traditional yellowish tinge color

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    my deca is clear as well.. EO
    many test blends out there.

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    T-400 is definitely real. it doesn't mean yours is though

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