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    Winny Cycle and the gym

    Hey everyone i know you are not big fans of winny cycle only

    I have one question

    Since i work almost everyday from 8am-8pm
    I was wondering if i could go to the gym 2 times a day

    Once in the morning and once at night

    Ive done some research on this site and some people told me its ok because my muscle will "Repair faster since on winny"

    Just wondering on your guys feedback about this


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    complete muscle repair does not happen untill 48-72 hours after you life...remember that if your not giving the muscle groups enough time to heal they will not grow....your muscles do not get bigger when you lift, they grow when they have time to heal, just keep that in mind.

    btw, working a 12 hour day, i dont' think your going to feel like working out 2 times a day

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    you need to be more specific please. 2 times a day but how many days a week? how many off days in between? how many times a week will you train each muscle group? there was a time i went twice a day 5-6 days a week but i was on extremly high doses and had a perfect diet
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    I couldnt imagine working 12 hour everyday and going to the gym twice a day also. This is a recipe for disaster. If you have a physically demanding job like mine anyway. I go Monday wed, fri after work and sunday noon. unless your trying to loose alot of wieght and doing cardio or something, post MORE INFORMATION what are your goals, how hard do you work, how old are you? Are you a leo or a sagitarios, lol..stats

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    u could prob do cardio in the mornings everyday and work out in teh evenings but id take a break every few days

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    i go to the gym twice a day 4-5 times a week..i do cardio first thing in morning on empty stomach..nothing burns fat better..i got back in the evening and train..not sure I could do do it working 12 hour days..I make my own hours so I can work/train whenever I feel like it

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