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    hopefully going to start a cycle of test, win, and d-bol, never used anything before, anyone know of any acne effects, thanks

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    Steroids are bad ummkay?
    noone is responding because this question could easily be answered with a little research, but you're new and I'm generous.

    If you have had acne problems in the past, they will usually come back in full force with even a mild cycle. I was 21 during my first cycle and my acne had just started to go away naturally. After my first cycle it was the worst it had ever been, all on my shoulders too. If you already have acne, it will probably make it worse. You should definitely look into accutane, it is the best drug out for moderate to bad acne. Shit cleared me up in a few weeks, and I even kept using it during my next cycle. I got blood tests every month to be on the safe side and all my numbers were a - ok.

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