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    ew questions Test E and winstrol?

    I have heard that Test E is least likely to cause acne, how true is that statement, ive tried sust and cyp and broke out too much..I dont want to take Deca because of fear of drug test. I plan on running 500 MG Test E EW with 75 MG Anadrol ED for 12 weeks, Possibly anadrol for only 8 weeks. Id like to get some definition though dont want to get to big, could I add Winstrol to the cycle?

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    I actually got more acne from test e than I do from Test C at a higher dose with tren e.I think everyone just reacts differently to different compounds. I am currently on this cycle with virtually no acne...
    Test C 600mg/week
    Tren E 400mg/week
    Letro .3mg ed
    Caber .5mg every 3.5 days
    first 4 weeks had dbols at 40mg ed.

    I know the gear is all legit because the gains have been amazing but I am suprised to not be getting acne this time around. I guess I`ll stick with this combo for future cycles too.

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    dont think id run the drol 12 weeks,

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