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Thread: Blood Work Help

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    Blood Work Help

    I will be getting BW in 1.5 weeks to see if I have recovered fully or enoguh to get off the anti es and stuff.

    I know that I need to get a full blood panel and unbound and bound testosterone test. My problem is there are 3 types of estrogen test. Which one am I supposed to get. Here are the three

    1) Estradiol (E2)
    Estradiol levels are used to help evaluate ovarian function and gynecomastia in men.Estradiol is a form of estrogen, necessary for many processes in the body. Estradiol is a female sex hormone that is involved in the development and maintenance of the female reproductive system.

    2) Estriol (E3)
    To measure or monitor your estrogen levels, male or female
    Estriol, E3, is synthesized in the placenta from 16-a-hydroxydehydroepiandrosterone of fetal origin. Thus, normal production can serve as a measure of the integrity of the fetoplacental unit. Sequential monitoring of estriol in high risk pregnancy has made possible early intervention and fetal salvage. Chronically low estriol values are found in intrauterine growth retardation but also are sometimes seen in normal pregnancy. A decreasing trend is indicative of fetal distress. The sensitivity and specificity of this test for detecting fetal distress are very poor; thus its use for this purpose has been largely abandoned. Combined evaluation of unconjugated serum estriol, maternal serum hCG , maternal serum AFP, and maternal age has value in predicting risk for fetal chromosomal abnormalities during pregnancy. The use of maternal serum AFP, hCG, and estriol predicts 65% of Down syndrome, as opposed to 28% if only serum AFP is used.

    3) Estrogen
    Estrogen test for hormone imbalance
    When your doctor thinks that you have symptoms of a hormone imbalance, abnormal vaginal bleeding, unusual and/or early sex organ development (male and female), or when your doctor wants to monitor the health of your placenta and fetus during pregnancy. To measure or monitor your estrogen levels if you are a woman who has unexplained abnormal menstrual cycles, abnormal or heavy bleeding, infertility problems, symptoms of menopause, or any other hormonal alterations; also used to test for fetal-placental competence during early stages of pregnancy; the presence of female-like characteristics in males may require hormone level evaluations as well.

    I think #3 is what I want... but I want to make sure.

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    yeah thats me in avvy
    Go with number 3 bro.

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    If you are concerned enough to get it done i'd get them all, or at least #1 and #3.

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    Im concerned but also just want to make sure my stuff is legit, see how well it actually works.

    M PCT was

    Nolva 1-4
    Aromasin 1-6

    After I stop the nolva I will decrease the aromasin dosage and go to eod for the last two week before coming off

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