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    Tren on first test cycle? big no no??????

    Going to run a very simple first cycle of test but was looking at running tren with it but have seen conflicting reports of of people saying that it has helped then cut a bit during the cycle but also other guys saying it is a definate no no for a first cycle..

    What i wanted to know in simple terms is what benefits would you get from tren on a test cycle and reasons why it would be a bad idea to run it?

    Many Thanks

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    Tren is a pretty powerful compound and is usally saved for later on down the track when other compounds start to lose there buzz. also if your a sports person tren is prob not the best idea because it is supposed to reduce your vo2 max.

    Im sure someone with more experince can add more.

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    A beginner using Tren is like a novice golfer using Tiger Woods' driver......

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhino1 View Post
    A beginner using Tren is like a novice golfer using Tiger Woods' driver......
    ha ha very true,same driver just not the same results

    bascially you do a test only cycle as a base,once you have your base you add diff compounds to see how you then react to them,if you use both tren and test you'l not know which one is giving you good results and possibly which one is giving you bad sides

    trust me if your diet and training is spot on a test only cycle will give you great results for your first cycle

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