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    Getting educated

    I hear you guys on read read read......In my case, I've been out of it for 8 plus years. Forgot more than I can remember. Now my test level is that of a women and I've just been put on my first cycle by a Doc(200 ml cyp every two weeks). Thought it was time to get my ass back in in a short amount of time, it's hard to get and understand the knowledge you need in short order. What prompted this post was a few post I have read of people asking for help, thought they already had the answers, but were clueless. Resulting in the more experienced body builders telling them to go back and get educated. So I appoligize if I've made a few post that may seem like I'm asking for a quick fix.......In a way I'am, because I have already started a cycle.Now I'm wondering should I do a Wellness Clinic verses my normal Doc that is going to error on the the side of caution? Thanks in advance for any help.

    Stats 50
    Height 5'9
    Weight 210
    Waist 36
    Arms 17.25 (were 19.25-19.50)
    Lifting experinece Gym rat 8-10yrs ago
    Steroids very little (Diet high protein and lifted my ass off)
    Goal trim down and put some size on by spring

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    dont sound like a cycle.. more like HRT. which could be for good.
    is this a GP or an endocrinologist

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    yea 200mg every other week isnt a cycle at all. thats low/normal test levels.
    like i stated in your other post... i would get my doc to bump the dose up.

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    Sorry your 100% right it is HRT and its a GP. He wanted to give me 200 Cyp once a month. I explained to him that might be ok for the first 7-10 days at best. So he made it twice a month. As I stated my test level is around 100.

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    If your GP is prescribing test he must be Pro HRT. I know my GP would not. Is he going to run blood to see where your test is at after being on?

    I see a sports Dr occassionally to check my blood work. He has told me he can legally manipulate my test to reach a certain number (can't remember what that is). Your Dr should be able to do the same. If your GP won't do that you might want to find a HRT Dr or one who works in sports medicene.

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