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    which steroid is best for me

    hi, im a 28 male 5"9 10 stone and fed up of being skinny, i find it very hard to gain weight, i have tried all sorts of supplements ( creatine, mamouth weight gain, protien shakes etc), but cant get past 10.5 stone, so have decided to maybe go for a steroid but dont no which one, the problem i have is i dont want to inject and i have difficulty swallowing tablets so i either need it in powder form or small tablets. i dont want to get massive just put a little bit of weight on and a few inches on my arms and chest weather it be fast or slow but with noticable gains. i try to train 3 times a week but lose intrest quiet easy because of not seeing any gains.

    can anybody help or suggest anything i can use?

    your advise would be much appreciated.

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    steroids wont help if u are a hard gainer.... check out this thread:

    u dont want to do steroids before u have a good build up of muscle cause A) u gotta shoot in a muscle and if u dotn have much... not good
    B)ull hurt urself if u cant lift properly and enough...
    C) steroids arent a easy way out... they account for roughtly 25% of the gains... the rest is the diet and workout....

    but if u are stubborn, dont be dumb make sure ur educated before starting a cycle...

    ok i just saw...
    if u cant inject, steroids arent for u.... end of story...
    and u cant swallow small tabs either? yeah... im sry but u just gotta eat more... steroidsa rent for u, at this time...

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    Im sorry bro, but AAS is not the answer for you. Im not sure weightlifting is for you either, judging by your post. I absolutely LOVE being in the gym. And I've been lifting for more then 30 years.

    Before you even contemplate using AAS, stick to the gym for a year or two. Seek training advice and even as important, diet advise. Im sure you could get what you're looking for that way. Without those in check, AAS will not work for you.

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