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Thread: cycle question

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    cycle question


    So i have a question about tbol. Seeing a lot of posts about running it solo and I wanted to give it a go. My first cycle was test suspension, so its not a pinning probleam.

    From what i read gains are pretty good, i was thinking of running 60-70mgs for 8 weeks.

    My first cycle I did 500mgs of test suspension with proscar 1/4 tab a day... I'm a bit paranoid about hair loss.

    So my question is if i where to add test in this cycle it would be Trt dose of 300mgs of Test E for 10 weeks. Do u think that 300mgs a week will make a big difference as opposed to running the tbol solo? The reason I ask is because if the test will shut me down harder without much benefit I rather run the tbol solo.

    hight 6'3.5

    Thanks for your help

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    Yes You'll feel much better and achieve much more when running Test along side it, even at 300mg.

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    agree....use test as base for every cycle, and adjust your test levels the results desired...

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    yea i thought that was coming, just wanted the conformation.


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    Id deff run the test with it

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