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    New guy looking for advice

    Hello friends, I will be starting my first cycle in a couple months, as soon as I recieve everything I need for cycle. First, let me give you my stats: I'm 200Lbs, 30yrs old, 10% body fat, been lifting off and on since high school. I am in good shape, my cardio needs to come up a bit as all I ever do is weight training. Health wise, I am excellent, other than my smoking which I am planning to quit (but that wont be easy).

    Originally, a friend of mine suggested a cycle of 10 wks Deca /Sust 250mg each once a wk. I ordered those two items but eventually found this website and have now decided to change my original plan, after learning more about PCT and doses, and otherwise just reading through posts.

    I am a newbie so I will not be starting my cycle until all my warm fuzzys are felt. My plans have changed drastically, and seem to be sky-rocketting in price as well.

    Anyway, despite what I've read about doing test only for the first cycle, I will be using deca with my cycle, the reason for this is because at this point, I plan to only do one cycle... I just want to get back to where I was in my early 20's, and not let myself waste away like I did in my late 20's. So, for that I want the most I can get out of this cycle.

    I plan to use Sust at 500mg a wk (eod), and deca 200mg once weekly. Should I run 400mg's of deca because I am 200lbs? Also, the other question I have is about PCT... I ordered clomid and nolvadex , probably way more than I need, but I am still unsure (after reading so many different suggestions from other peoples cycles) what doses I should take, and for how long?

    Here is what Im thinking right now:

    Sust 500mg a week, every other day, 12 weeks
    Deca 200mg a week, once weekly, 10 weeks
    Nolvadex on hand for gyno symptoms (but how much daily if so?)

    PCT: clomid for 30 days (but how much?), starting one day after last test injection

    I know thats a lot of injections for the Sust, but after reading about the two fast acting test componds, it seems "eod" is the best way to get my money's worth. I ordered 100 3ml 23ga. needles, so I have enough so far, I will just have to deal with soreness.

    My question here is, with my stats, and what I plan on running, am I going in the right direction? Do I need to add something to my PCT? Should I take Nolvadex during my cycle, or just if I have gyno symptoms? That kind of stuff. Basically, Im here to make sure I'm all set before I start this. So your help would be appreciated!

    Also, I've read many posts stating "test only, first cycle" and I understand why, but if I have everything on hand to deal with gyno probs, whats the difference whether it is being caused by the test or the deca? The reason I want to use the deca is because I already have it, ordered it with the sust a while back... I don't plan on doing a second cycle, but maybe thats how we all get started.

    My diet is on par with where it should be, healthy foods, 3500 calories per day, 300g protien per day, cheat days factored in so my body doesn't get to comfortable.

    Well, i think as a newb this post is long enough... Please advise me of any changes I should make to my plans, and if you have any suggestions I will take those as well... But please dont tell me I should drop sust for test E, cause I already have the sust and deca, I'm just not going to use them until I think my plan is entirely together!

    Damn, sorry this post is so long... I guess I'm just looking for corrections to my plan.

    Thanks for reading all this, if you made it this far

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    definitely a lengthy post, but it saved questions.

    people don't say do a test only cycle because of the gyno, its because for your first cycle the test will give you enough gains on its own, and adding another substance won't help all that much, but will add sides.

    if you're set on using the deca , 400mg would be better. 200 is very low. also twice a week would be better, you can mix it in the same shot as the sust. i don't know how your math skills are, but 100 needles is hardly enough. thats JUST enough but assuming you use the same needle to load that you shoot with.

    don't take nolva on cycle for gyno problems, get an AI like arimidex (liquidex), aromasin , or letro. nolva can make it worse when its with deca because of progesterone issues. add that to your pct with the clomid. nolva 40-40-20-20 and clomid 50-50-25-25 for mg/wk. also, you should start that 2 weeks after your last shot, because it takes the long esters some time to be broken down and exit the system

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    ^^^good post

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    I agree with the 400mg's of deca a week..I have no problem with your cycle as a first...oh and as far as this being your first and last'll see.

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    Haha, I figured I'd take a hit on the "first and only cycle", but thats all I really plan on doing, for now.

    Yes the 100 nedles are only enough if I use the ones I draw with... I'll get more as they are pretty cheap.

    Im still a little undecided on the deca , it's just that I spent a shitload of money on it... If Im not planning on doing a second cycle, thats wasted money... I'm already bald, so theres one side I don't have to worry about! If I don't run Deca, then will I still need to get L-dex to run during the cycle?

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to help me out, It seems with many of the other posts I've read there are different ideas of what should be done in each case, so I wanted to get a tailored response for what I'm planning, so again thanks for helping me out!

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    first and last...haha never heard that before.

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    He's a future addict, he just doesn't know it yet
    BTW welcome to the board

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