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    Rate gear loses potency?

    Been wondering if you buy gear and if for any reason you can't start immediatly or buy bulk gear so you can get discounts just to get enough to have on hand for future cycles at what rate does the hormone lose its potency?

    If you buy gear dosed at 250mg fresh but leave it sitting for six months or a year how much potency would it lose?I Read a post somewhere once where they was discussing some batches of gear came out overdosed from lab results and evryone was hoping they got the same batch lot numbers.But someone on the post told everyone since that batch was at that time a year old that it woulda lost the extra % of mg and would now be about the mg its labeled to be or less.

    Is this true that its loses its potency the older it gets each day even before the expiration date?

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    you can store it a very long time,,,,,,,years. I don't have exact lab results but know proof positive. The carrier (water/oil/ect.) would be the concern and not the actual hormones.

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    it usually starts to lose potency a year after the expiration date but it degrades slowley.
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    id say rather slowly....just use it within the next year or two and you should be fine...

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