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    need help to how to keep a open eye to fake source

    ok i knwo i cant ask for a source or anything like that. and i wont.. prity much want to ask is because this will be my frist time trying to get some gear what kind of things should i look out for for a more fake supplier/site or person?

    also i read on the forms some were if i wanted to pm a moderator if i have found a soure or think i have found one and to ask them if they have heard anything of it being real or not.. i tryign to click on a mod name to try to send a pm but i could not.. would anybody knwo why i cant?

    if i have broken any rules i am sorry just delete this post plz.. i am not trying to break any rules

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    You cant pm yet because you need 25 posts I think, also hardly anyone does source checks and I dont think this thread is going to turn out the way you would like because we dont talk about these kinds of things.

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    if you hang around...educate yourself...get to know people...contribute in a positive way you may stumble across one...

    other than that...dont are sure to get scammed...

    Take this time to learn as much as you dont want to rush into something like this

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