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    Wink first real 'stack'

    I'm running 500mg Test E pw
    60mg of Tbol ed

    I remembered last cycle, throwing 60mg of Tbol in 3/4 the way though - and I was as horny as a 16 year old on speed.
    So I wanted to try that out again, haha.
    (no where near as effective in that level of libido increase)

    But I just wanted to note that WoW..
    ...I am getting tighter & harder all around, my girlfriend is like "You've only been on that 'stuff for 1 week and look at you". (seems like quick results for such a long ester)

    1. Would upping my Tbol intake increase any positive results?
    2. Would 750mg do any noticeable results?
    2. b) I need a proper picture, maybe a real one in color. (can't find any non-diagram like ones. )
    -> As I would shoot more Test E ('cause I have plenty)
    but I just can't ever find EXACTLY where they mean on the leg to inject

    Thanks for any help!

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    you can up the test to 750mgs ew if you want but i would leave the t-bol alone, its a good dose.
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    I agree with PT...solid looking clean and your a$$ off and you will be quite pleased with your results...

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