i was using stacker tabs that i got from gmc,they worked well burnt fat quite well,though was always looking for the next step,my friend gave me a bottle of kynoselen,said to do 0.5 ml every other day,i started and it did work but bit dissapointed.i then purchased some clen ,and was really chuffed with the results,im 20% away from my target and it seems like everythings kinda...stopped!
i work out hard and diet well,not just watching.and i do belive in these as iv always trained ,and always struggled to get any weight off,but as i say im pleased with these results.
thing is as i say this last 20% i want gone is going nowhere fast and im wondering if i should knock one on the head and up the dose of the other,or that my bodys become used to the drugs and just not working or should i now go for something stronger?
what do ya recon?