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    Clen T3 for a non-working out girl

    Need some input on this.
    One of the girls i know has asked for a "fat reducing" pill. Gave me all that "winter time, getting slobby, would like to fit in the same dress in summer time" ... So I gave a quick intro to "there is no fat burning pill". It all comes down to your diet and doing some cardio. I quickly went through clen and t3 benefits and that got me in trouble... She sais she is prepared to get her diet in check (with my help) but whats that extra kick/help with the appetite suppression and thermal fat burning effects of clen/t3.
    My question is would this be a good idea? the dosing of course would be a on the light side. How effective those compounds actuality be with just getting a diet in check (i'll take her out for a walk now and again as well... )

    If all is good, any effective female based protocols could be suggested?
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    No its not a good idea. She needs to attack her diet and start cardio and do some hardwork before starting any magic pills!

    To many people start using cutting drugs when its not needed, hardwork will reduce bodyfat and when you eventurally come to a sticking point which is months away then start to think of something what will kickstart the process off again, dont do everything at once when cutting fat, start with diet and cardio...
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    I tried to help my wife out with clen (no t3). She got all of the sides but really didn't see any results. Bf was too high and she did not exercise enough. The "drugs" are just one piece of the puzzle.

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    I've read where people have used clen for a couple of weeks and have lost weight without exercising...but nowhere have I read its happened with a bad diet. I made the same mistake in trying to help my overweight clients by telling them about clen...but people are so inconsistant with diet and training that I'm afraid to do it ever again cause they will not get results then come to me saying I mislead for someone who is working out hard and dieting properly..and only has 20 lbs to lose..I'd recommend they look into it. My wife has used it for a month and the results were dramatic,,,she literally shrunk...but she was doing cardio 2x a day and training with me at night.

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