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    when should i start a course again ?

    im weighing app 200lb 13% fat. at my biggest which was about two years ago i was 220 an about 8% fat oh an im 5'11 anyway moving on ive had about a year of going to the gym once a week an really havent had a get go so ive had a month off an i rearin to now been back traing about two weeks solid im nowhere near as strong though i benched like 176lb for like 6 which is really poor i was up to 264 for 6 a noticable diffrence how long should i wait untill i cycle again ive bought test enath and deca got oxy here aswell any ides of a course? when to start again? an should i train heavy again straight away or what? thanks for input i appreciate it

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    You should have 6 months of training hard and dieting properly before even thinking of getting back on.

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    yeah thats me in avvy
    you should try and gain as much weight and strength naturally first bro...once youve hit that wall then you can try things to break passed it.

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