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    help with next cycle and using d/bol

    hi im currently planning my 2nd cycle, well my 4th, but can only class as my 2nd really, my first was highly sucsessful gaining 2.5 stone in 12 weeks using 1 ml sutanon 250mg(pakistan organon ones with yellow writing) and 2ml decca pronobol (p+b labs), every other day.
    but i then just stopped due to shit going off in my life and depression and lost all gains, my 2nd cycle i stopped after about 5 weeks due to shit going off again and not bothering going training due to depression. the 3rd i belive my suss was shite so stopped.
    Now im planning my 4th, i have to do it this time like my first and stick to it, i`m therfore going to treat this like my first and any advice is greatly appreciated, im planning on using again 2ml decca and 1ml suss every other day for 10-12 weeks but would also like to back this up by kickstarting with d/ bol for 3-4 weeks, should i run my decca for 2 wek early and finish it 2 week before the test also?
    has anyone got any advice with d/bol or anything else with my plan, or any other suggestions, also any ptc suggestions.
    I am going to be on here more lately to try and give myself more encouragment and motivation, witch at the moment is what i am lacking most, but as soon as i start to see my gains come back i know i will love it, i need to do this as ive let myself go the last year, and just seem to stay home smoking weed.
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