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Thread: clen and pct?

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    clen and pct?

    hey i was just wondering, i was reading a couple of threads and some say people take clen in conjunction with other aas, and others say people take it after a cycle to increase fat loss, and allow them to keep roughly the same diet with out adding to much fat.
    question is if i wanna do it after my cycle for PCT type thing, do i wanna be doing my hcg and nolvadex at the same time or do i do the clen before that or after?
    is it necessary to taper off down fi your doing 2 weeks on 2 weeks off?
    i also read somewhere that you want to take benadryl and something else on your off weeks to regulate, or cleanse your receptors or something. anyone know what else im talking about? it said to take them daily also.


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    Clen isnt an AAS. You can run it anytime. You can run clen during PCT to help cut fat and there is some reports that it's anticatibolic (doubtful IMO). Start it right at the start of your PCT. Doesn't matter what you're taking for PCT. There will be no conflict.

    Start with 20mcgs the first day. Then on the third day add 20mcgs giving you 40mcgs. Keep upping the dose 20mcgs EOD until you either reach 125 mcgs or have a hard time coping with the sides. At the end of 2 weeks stop taking clen. Take 2 weeks off and repeat the cycle. Except for the next 2 week cycle start right at the dose you left off with. No need to taper down the dose of clen.

    Benedryl can be taken at night to "cleanse" your receptors. I've taken clen many times and still go 2 weeks on/off for best results. There is more then one way to run clen.

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    I've used it as a part of my PCT in the past and have had great results. It helped with strength and also helped me keep muscle gains while eliminating fat gains in lbs.

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