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    rookie needs help!!!!!!!

    im a new kid on the block lookin for direction. i just got some wintrol thru a friend. but im not really sure how and how much to use so im in need of some advice. thanx in advance

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    Good start a little reading in this forum (Hot Topics) and post this question as well in the main "Steroids Forum". Lots of info on winny bro. Just take your time and listen to the bros here. I'll be back to help in a bit. Welcome aboard brother...remember to include your stats, goals etc....that will really help.


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    Do lots of research on Winny (as well as other steroids because it might not suit your needs). Read the DRUG PROFILES and then read them again. Be aware of the side effects of Winny (liver damage) before you start any cycle. If you do decide to take Winny, most will agree that 50mg ED (each day) is the best dosage, but I'd consider stacking that with Equipoise .

    REMEMBER: Steroids are great but what you do with exercise and diet will ultimately be the most important factor!

    Also, read the rules first because you'll get NO help if you decide to ask for a source or do something stupid.

    Welcome to the board! Good luck.

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