Zup guys?!

I'm currently researching my next cycle which will be my 3rd and by far the heaviest cycle I ever did.

I'm thinking of running:

Week 1-16 Test E 750 mg/w
Week 1-14 Deca 600 mg/w
Week 1-5 Dbol 100 mg ED
Week 1-16 Adex 1 mg EOD

I'll also be taking Propecia 1 mg ED. And just for info PCT will be HCG , Clomid, Adex and Nolva.

Now for my question. When I was doing some research I came across something on a swedish forum which confused me a little bit. There was thread about Deca and Propecia and that you should NOT take Propecia when taking Deca as it will speed up possible hair loss. Not losing my hair is a major concern of mine so I ask you if there is any truth to this?

I mean, if I understand everything correctly, Deca doesn't even convert into DHT so why should a combination of Deca and Propecia be a bad thing? With the 750 mg of test e a week and the Dbol I'd definitely wanna use Propecia. Any ideas?