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Thread: hair loss !!

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    Unhappy hair loss !!

    hi guys.. i've had a problem before where i lost a lot of my hair after3 monthes from the end of my cycle ( test prop 700mg/week+winny) and have been under hair treatment for a few monthes given by my dermatologist (minoxidil+poroscar).. last aug i finished a 12 weeks cycle ( test. enanth+ Eq) and now (4 monthes from the end of the cycle) im having the same problem.. im suppose to start a new mild cycle soon ( test prop+ tren a).. anyone has an idea to help cure or limit the hair loss problem ????

    pls note that i have long hair, and it's very important for my modelling career..


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    if you are prone to mpb, and are already loosing hair then don't start a new cycle with tren ! all you can really do is carry on with the proscar. might be worht getting some nizoral shampoo. but once hair loss has started theres not much u can do to stop it, just slow it down

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    You an try using a topical solution from Billy Jealousy called follicle restorer, but in the end it will be something that is inevitable. The solution really helps to increase blood flow to the areas and will truly help to even revive dead papilla in many cases. It is pricey and long term use is required. Good luck.

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    agree, tren isn't healthy for hair

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    The only steroids that are hair friendly are test+finastride, deca , eq, tbol, anavar , some ppl say tren causes harsh hairloss and some ppl dont even lose hair on tren but lose it on test or the other way round. The only thing that could help you is what you already have plus nizoral and spiro but it will only help wid the test.

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    So Tren is the worst for hairloss. I am reseading a little from my last cycle. Will Dutast help or should I just forget the tren. I don't want to be bald anytime soon.

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    like fireman said, tren is known to bald pll. if you really want to try it, get some tren ace. so if it does affect you, you can drop it and it will be out of ur system in a few days rather than weeks.

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    worst for hairloss are - - - trenbolone
    test without finasteride

    iv heard masteron , proviron and primobolan can also be bad!

    looks like is was the winny and test that kicked things off for you bro. Winny is literally renound for scalping some ppl, and so is tren so id stay well clear of those 2 if i were you!

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