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    Primobolan and HGH together...

    Hello i am now on HGH. I do only 5iu's a day ed. I am now 2 1/2 month in to my cycle. And i feal that i need a litle bost. I am not interested in stacking the HGH with test. So my idea was 400-600mg primo a week. And maby som Anavar .

    What do you guys think about this ?? I am lookin for a lean bodey. I do not want unnesasery water. I know the Primo kan give me bad sex drive. Limp dick is not so funny.

    So is it a good idea to add 250mg test a week. To keep the sex drive in action ?? My idea was Sust or Viron 250mg a week.. I realy do not want unnesasery water retention..

    If you guys have other stacking ideas. So please poste them.

    Thanks !!

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    id def add in test ..testoviron is better than sus but imo id go with test c or test e ..easier dosing schedule for steady blood levels. I see no need for var with primo in cycle but what the hell prob wont hurt unless u r prone 2 hair loss then 2 dhts together might be a problem. Big $ cycle = test/growth(even at only 5iu /day)/primo plus maybe var. Hope it yields what u r looking & training will be the key

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    ^^ all true. what are you looking for besides a lean body. i'm assuming losing weight

    what are your current stats; age height weight bf% cycle exp diet etc

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    test prop,HGH and primo or anavar if you dont like pins but dont use both, plus and most important of all a good diet
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