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    did reseach but confused

    Hey, im 20 years old 5'9 138lbs started working out about 2 years ago but didn't no to much for the first year. My diet is looking pretty good getting about 2700 calories but enought about that.

    I feel that my workout is good i hit the muscle hard and hit it from every direction and always keep the muscle guessing. I was on some supplements like createin and that stuff but didn't see no changes and i wanted to see how adding somthing like testostrone would help or been looking up Primobol and that one sounds good but what that alone give me what i want or should i take both testostrone and primobol. There so many different type of test to what one would be the best for me. any other alternatives to test don't like the side effects, acne, high blood presure. will sure you guys no them then you gotta take somthing like clomiphene to bring us estrogen levels back down after your done taking test.

    Thanks in advance!

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    personally i would change my diet 1st if i were in your shoes. 5'9'' 138lbs, thats really skinny and its probably because your only taking in 2700 calories a day. i consume more then double what you do. if you want to get big you'll have to eat big. all the steroids in the world wont help you if you dont eat right so my advice is go check out the diet section 1st. learn how to eat and properly lift then consider steroids
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    ^^^ so true, if you don't know how to eat you will put on abit a weight with gear but it will all go after you come off

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    You definitely need work on your diet and not steroids at this point.

    At your height and weight, your bmr needs are approximately 1700 calories a day.
    The moderately active person needs about 2600 calories. You obviously have
    a fast metabolism, so you should shoot for at least 3500 calories a day to gain weight.

    The optimal diet should be one that is nutritious and well balanced.

    Carbs should be complex like whole grains, Wheatgerm,Barley,Maize,Buckwheat,
    Cornmeal,Oatmeal, etc.

    Your protein intake should be at least 280g a day mostly from foods and not powdered shakes.

    You should be able to gain 5 lbs a month if you follow this regimen, if at the end of a couple weeks you don't see a difference, add 500 calories to your diet. Keep adding until you see weight gain.

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    Good advice given here.

    You're too young yet to cycle AAS and could add nearly 50 lbs naturally before even considering AAS use. If you can't add the muscle there is something wrong in the diet or training regimen. Get that on point and gain for 3-4 years naturally.

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    dont ask for a source thx
    i know its not what u want to hear but all of the above advise is true.start gaining naturally, learn what works for u then consider aas. at 20yr old you have more than enough test in your body to gain. good luck

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