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    Training on Short Burst Cycling

    Considering the length of short burst cycling is only a month, with higher doses and priming beforehand, wouldn't it be necessary to train more often, even twice a day? It is only a month of cycling, if I were to continue with my regular workout routine of training a bodypart once a week, that would only be 4 times during the cycle for each bodypart.

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    My opinion not necessary bro..get in gym blast it intensly and get out grow out of the gym with proper rest and nutrition.

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    Everyone responds differently to training regimens and everyones recuperation process is different. No one can really answer that question for you but you need to figure that out for yourself. That's something you learn after years of training and trial and error. Twice a day routines work great for some people given they have the right diet, training regimen, rest and recuperation. Whatever you do though, you don't want to overtrain.

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    Always go by feel. Right now I'm on drol/test cycle and I have to almost force myself to take a day off. Rest and recovery is important but I definetely believe you can train more often (maybe not twice a day) on cycle.

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    With a short burst cycle linked with a prime you should be using the HIT type of training or heavy dropsets to failure plus forced. If your doing this correct you wouldn't be able to train your bodyparts more than once per week anyway, so I would look at your training programme and don't waste this environment your going to be in, remember its only for a short time so go totally balls out...
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