ok the symptoms i have been having since trenadrol 10 months ago is mainly skin issues which being blood seems right under my skin most of the time. Causing easy flushing alot and feeling hot, etc...also red eyes.

My testosterone level back in april was
test 808
LH 18.8
Prolactin 6.8
FSH 10.2
TSH 1.303
T4 10
Dumb ass doctor didnt do estrogen nor a few other thigs like cortisol.
Tested a month ago and the following
Test 626
LH 5.8
FSH 3.1
Esoterix frozen serum?? was 4.6

Now a few weeks ago I did the folloowing test.
Cortisol 23 which was high than average. early monring cortisol also
Estradiol 53 which is kinda high. Also higher than range which is 54

24 hour volume metanephrine test
total metanep 457 ranage being 604 high
Normetaneph 300 which range being high 412
Metanephrine 157 which range being high 222

Free t4 is 1.08 and HTSH 2 is 1.050

Please give me some advice. How is test/estrogen balance? Coritsol is kinda high? Could this cause any of my symptoms mentione.d Like i said, when i workout espicially, my arms go to solid pinkish ...like blood underneath. All this started after i took trenadrol...then letro 4 months later....so please give me some advice or any other blood wokr i might need and what u suspect and what i need to take.

Thanks alot.