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    Meal Replacement Shakes

    I just went to the local store to buy water, but this stuff just caught my eye. I was kinda looking around for something to snack on since I am not eating quite as often as I would like, and I saw this one new aisle with some nutritional products. Nothing special about it, but when I saw this one meal replacement shake, by Balance, I just decided to give it a try.

    I know, I know, real men eat their meals; not drink them from powder and milk. But considering that alot of us are fulltime students with time consuming jobs, not everyone has time to pig out every 2 hours (sometimes its just hard to eat 3 times a day).

    I wanted to get some general feedback whether this will suffice when I can't make that 4th meal for breakfast or midday snack or evening meal. Usually I can get a nice big lunch and a nice big dinner, anything else is supplemental (usually 100% whey in water). My appetite is starting to pickup like crazy, and I'm entering my 8th week of my bulking tomorrow. Will eating a 30% 30% 40% be sufficent as a snack or are the powdered meals not the quality of nutrients I should be eating?

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    As long as you're getting in enough calories with at least 4 good meals then your shake's should be fine.


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