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    GAC Masteron Exists

    GAC is producing a very limited supply of Drostanolone acetate (note the short ester). at a VERY fine price. apparently there are 300 20ml (75mg/ml) bottles of this wonderfull substance in existence and no more.

    If you know who his "royal" distributor is better get in on it NOW they ship on the 19th of Nov. - if you dont know DO NOT ASK ME!

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    i have some that i brought back from belgium,if u never used the stuff your in for a big suprise.are u sure the stuff is real cause u know the stuff hasnt been around for a while.

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    Ooooh masteron ! I was once lucky enough to get some at a good price! I loved it!

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    alot of fakes out please be carefull.

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