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    does size affect dosage

    was just curious as to heavy built people using more juice than a smaller person or other way round..

    and in my eyes your diet and what you put in on cycle is what you will get out, i see my body as a engine i service it well and treat it with respect

    if you run a good diet/workout on the 750mg test e *12wks for example on a person is 5ft8 averave build and the other 6ft6 stocky built on 500mg test e for same time would the person on the higher dosage build more?

    sorry if this sounds daft having a debate with my mate at work

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    Sadly it doesn't work that way. Everybody responds differently to the same amounts of juice. Some guys can grow like weeds on 250mg of Test a week, and others will not get much at all even on 750mg a week. So everyone pretty much starts on 500mg a week regardless of size. I ahve a good friend who is a 250lb, 6'2" monster at 8% bf and the fvcker can put on 15lbs on just 250mg a week

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