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    Nausea off cycle

    Its been a month since I come off a classic Test Prop/Tren /Winny cycle and now every time I hit the weights I barf between sets. I usually workout 2-3 hours after a meal. This just started happening and I wanted to know if there's anybody out there who's had the same problem and what did you do about it? Imma go get myself checked i'm assuming it's lactic acid buildup but we'll see! Any comments is appreciated thanks guys!

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    I usually throw up on leg day, and sometime back day.......I usually just work through it...

    If my vomit is just liquid, then i am good to go, but if food is coming up with the vomit...then you need to stop(at least for a bit) because you are losing nutrients when food is coming up.....

    If its just water, then you can always drink more to rehydrate yourself...

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