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Thread: Latnis Inuslin.

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    Latnis Inuslin.

    Does any one know how this long acting slin. is effected by test and primo.

    My buddy who has type2 diabetes was on this for a few months....I guess his doc told him he no longer needs to take he's starting a cycle and is wondering if this would be a good add to a primo test e cycle.

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    Does any one know how this long acting slin. is Affected by test and primo.

    what do you mean? like adversely? i'd imagine they don't interact at all... insulin just does its thing regardless

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    Under no circumstances should your friend use insulin with his cycle.

    His enteroinsular axis has normalized.

    He risks upsetting that if he uses insulin.

    I really don't think he would like to
    resume taking insulin, possibly for the rest of his life.

    Has he cycled before?
    Does he have trouble with his weight?
    Does he gain weight rapidly?
    Has he recently lost a large amount of weight? Gastric Bypass? Diet?

    Diet composition is incredibly important to a diabetic as it is to a user of AAS for the purposes of body building, the two could intersect, but
    there is a delicate balance that has to be arrived at to insure the latter doesn't affect the former.
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