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    Question Anavar questions

    Hi All,

    I just finished my first cycle -- 8 weeks on Anavar only, 80 mg a day (I'm also taking GH). Results were great, and I'm very happy with them, except for a couple annoying side effects. My libido pretty much fell apart around week 4 or 5, and my appetite also more or less disappeared around the same time. Libido has since returned after the cycle ended a few days ago. I can live with the appetite loss, but I didn't like losing the libido and would like to remedy it during the next cycle...

    After some internal debate, I don't want to start on test just yet, I want to see how far I can go on Var/GH alone before adding test to the mix.

    I'm still very much new to all of this, but I'm reading as much as I can, and would appreciate your opinion on the questions below -- please be gentle.

    1. How long does the off cycle for Var need to be, and do I need to do PCT? I've read a lot of mixed opinions about the necessity of PCT for var only, but would be happy to hear some opinions here.

    2. What can I do in the next Var cycle to eliminate the libido loss? Somebody mentioned caber, but I don't know anything about that.

    3. I live in Ireland and it's difficult to get comprehensive blood work here... anyone have any recommendations on a good way to get this done?

    4. I've read mixed reviews about OOC supplements to go with this cycle -- any suggestions on what to add?

    Thanks in advance.
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    1. Whenever you use any steriods you need to have some sort of pct. And since you said your libido is pretty much shot I wouls say follow normal pct protocal.

    2.add some test...there is no point in getting all ripped up and sexy and then not being able to get down when all the ladies come running. idea, but depending on how old youa re I am sure you can go to your doc and ask him for a panel of different tests, just say your concerened about your test lvls or something.


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