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Thread: Time off?????

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    Time off?????

    Hey everyone, im two months into my current cycle of sustonan 250. i am using 250mg on E4thD. I have been pretty happy with my results. i had two 10ml bottles, looking to do a 10 week cycle but came up short. So, recently i came across a 10ml bottle of sus300 just in time. Looks like all together ill be on sus for 3 months and then begin my pct 17days after my last shot. Question long is it recomended i stay off? and is pct considered time off before my next cycle? Or does time off start after i finish my pct. Cause i will be on aromasin and nolvadex for approximatley 4 to 6 weeks. Open to any suggestions..thanks

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    Time on + PCT = Time off

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    time off starts after you finish up pct..

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    Time off = Time on + PCT is just a rule of thumb. that starts after post cycle. some people cycle sooner some wait longer then that. The longer between cycle the better. I prefer to Post cycle as few times as possible and make the most of the time "on."

    your post cycle could be better with some clomid in there 50mg ED

    sust is best shot EOD.

    post cycle start time looks okay.

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    like everyone said, so you should be looking at ~ 4.5 months after your pct to start again

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaberle_15 View Post
    Time on + PCT = Time off
    Thats the general rule to follow but having bloodwork done will be the best factor but all the above answers are good to go with..
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