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    15 week long cycle of Test - too long?

    Would running test enanthate at 500mg/week for 15 weeks be too long to be on steroids ?

    I've been told that the longest cycle you can run safely should be only 10-12 weeks... do you guys think thats true?

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    A standard cycle is usually 10 - 14. One extra week isn't going to hurt anything, especially at only 500mg of test a week, but the longer you drag a cycle, the more your receptors downregulate, which is what slows gains. I'd say save your gear and do a 12-week. You can get back on gear sooner too that way. Even 10 weeks would be fine.

    Regardless of what you do, I'd suggest a frontload of 1g of test for the first week to get blood levels up to optimum levels quicker. If you plan on injecting twice a week and not once, I would suggest injecting 750mg for the first shot and then go along with the 250mg shots and just do that as a frontload.

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