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    anavar only cycle...

    i have done test E deca and dbol cycle a year ago....i hate the bloat and whole hell lots of acne.... reason why i stopped juicing.. coz my whole face and back was filled with huge acnes...

    im not looking for somethign crazy... probably something light..

    thinking of 8 weeks of anavar @50mg daily...

    with proper PCT of clomid and nolva...

    i wonder how effective will this be... or im just wasting my time?

    thanks guys...

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    You might be able to achieve some minor strength gains but most people would advocate more than 50mgs a day, especially if it's the only compound you are going to be using.

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    waste of time; Test only cycle might be okay. Cut out the othe two compounds and the sides will go down some. Be sure also to split up your test shots to at least twice a week.

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    yeah, if i was lookinf for a light cycle, with you experiance, i'd say use a low (maintenaince) dose of test, like 150 a week and use a mild compound on top of that,in accordance with your goals (gain, cut etc)

    i have terrible acne with 700mg a week of test, if i go to 300 it cuts it 85-90%.
    an ai can curb some or most of the estro, which in some cases may cause acne when too much test is used

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    i got super bad acne while on 500mg of test and 400mg of deca a week..

    trust me...its so bad that i dont wanna do another cycle.. my face look like moon's crater...

    i have been always that guy with lots of acne when i was a teen..sigh...

    i understand anavar is more anabolic than androgenic ... hope it will have less acne... correct me if im wrong.

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    I don't know about that but there's many contradictory info about anavar cycle only...I will add in january 40mg of anavar to the 3iu gh I actually do hoping to drop 5 percent bf

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    Waste of time IMHO, your better off using test only and some meds what keep your acne at bay!
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